Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The medium sized pig herd

Well, this is the herd of medium sized pigs. I'm carrying about 60 feeder pigs right now, aiming to sell them at farmers markets next spring and summer. My experience this year is that I sold every pig I had, and in fact sold so many i didn't get to eat any of my own pork, which was a little silly. So for 2009 I'm stocking up.

Theyr'e quite a colorful lot. I like having a variety of colors in my herd. Some of these are hampshire, yorkshire, berkshire, duroc and crossbreeds of all of those. When I'm working with them I'm looking at their temprament, and overall disposition. I prefer to work with calmer animals that respond well to kind treatment, so traits that don't work well with this operation will probably be noted for early sale.

This pig is earning high marks for being curious and coming over to see what I'm doing. I take a note of what she looks like (literally, I note the markings and that I liked her) and keep watching.

The whole time I was working with the medium sized pigs the boar was standing abosolutely still watching. He's about 200 feet away. He is much bigger than my dog. He's just much farther away.

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