Friday, December 26, 2008

The best mashed potatoes

Potatoes are a staple of my diet, and I've found my favorite mashed potato recipe is garlic mashed potatoes.
I mix three types of potatoes. Each type adds a different texture and flavor. it's worth trying if you haven't already.

The russet potato (on right) adds a creamy texture. The white and red both add a waxy texture, and a "lumpy" mouth feel that I find appealing.

Peel the russet but don't peel the red or white potatoes.

cut them into roughly equal sized chunks so that they cook at the same rate, and toss into a pot of boiling water with 4 or 5 whole cloves of garlic.

Remove them when they're soft, and mash in a bowl with a quarter cup of milk, or if you're feeling extravagant, cream or half-and-half. Just mash the garlic in with the rest of it. It'll have a mild garlic flavor.



Anonymous said...

The garlic mashed potatoes sound delicious! I have never tried cooking the garlic with the potatoes but I will try it now. We're just getting back to gardening on a larger scale and plan to grow several varieties of potatoes. Hope they do as well in Kansas as they did in Minnesota!

Rae said...

Ok, so this post was ages and ages ago, but I'm commenting anyway. Ever tried a dollop of mayo in your mashed potatoes, instead of milk? Sounds weird, I know, but if you don't add too much you can't taste it. It does, though, really change the consistency. Tones down the starchiness and makes mashed potatoes extra creamy.