We sell chickens

Heritage breed chickens

We have young laying hens for sale from March through June; they are in their first laying season, and they'll be good for several years, laying an egg a day or every other day with proper feed and shelter.

We sell roosters for eating from May to October.  They're the flockmates of the laying hens, and they are 2-3lbs in May and 4-6lbs in October.

We enjoy a colorful flock and usually have a variety of breeds; so the selection varies.  We do incubate and hatch our own chickens, and most of them are hybrids of various heritage breeds.  We find that the hybrids are more vigorous and provide better laying capacity than purebred chickens.

Laying hens are $27 each.  Roosters are $15 each.  All prices are live at the farm gate.  If you want to process your own chickens we can provide a plucker, scalder and kill cones for $10.