We sell turkeys

Picture of our turkey flock.  They're sure pretty.

Our turkey sales are seasonal and we start selling Turkeys in October.  To ensure a bird for the holiday, please call us after October 1st and put a $20 deposit down.  We'll guarantee a bird will be available for you.   You can pick up your turkey at the farm or at a dropoff point in Seattle. 

Pastured heritage turkey:  $6/lb oven-ready
Pastured broad-breasted turkey:  $3/lb oven-ready
Live turkey:  $55 (10-18lbs)

We typically do not sell turkey poults or eggs, but if you're interested in a particular species for a breeding project, give us a call. 

We raise the following breeds of turkeys: 
Eastern Wild
Black Spanish
Bourbon Red
Blue Slate
Broad breasted bronze