Sunday, December 7, 2008


Something keeps disconnecting the electric fence leads to the batteries. I think it's a goat, or possibly a small pig. The smaller pigs scoot under the electric fence and spend time harrassing the chickens and turkeys and doing small acts of piglet terrorism, like disconnecting the electric fence.

The result of this disconnect was a call from a neighbor tonight. "uh, Bruce, are you missing some pigs?" "not that I know of", "well, there's a herd of about 10 on the road in front of your place.

So a little bit of rodeo work and they're all back in the pen. It's funny, when pigs escape and you want to put them back into their pen or pasture, they want very much to use exactly the same path they came out. They are pretty determined, too. It's actually pretty hard to dissuade a determined pig from going the way it wants.

So you herd the pig back the way it wants to go, mostly.

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