Saturday, December 27, 2008

Perils of urban farming: Petty theft

One of the things about having a farm near an urban area, at least for me, is a constant level of petty theft. Yesterday they stole 1 large plastic garbage can, 2 smaller (30 gallon) garbage cans, and a large pet carrier.

I've lost shoves, picks, axes, poultry nets and livestock, as well. Most of my animals are pretty tame, and will come right up to you if you carry a bucket. So I've been moving most of my livestock away from the fence, and every day I've been going through a cleanup ritual.

But I mean, c'mon! garbage cans? how much meth can you get for a used garbage can? If you want $7, come and work an hour. I'll figure out something for you to do, and you don't run the risk of me catching you. Because if I do I'll be pretty darned mad.

My farm is far enough from town that people have to drive to get to me. If you have enough money for gas, or a car, leave my shovel alone!

Chickens and turkeys don't have brands, and they're pretty good, easy sales downtown, off the back of a truck.

Looks like I get to have a surveillance system now. Oh Joy. That's what I had in mind when I started farming.


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Unknown said...

What did you end up getting for your surveillance? I've been told to get one before we need it :-) and with a store it's easy - plug a couple cameras in and your done. But what about the farm??? Would love to hear what you did corinne @ willowsedgefarm . com