Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Puppies stolen, continued

I was pretty angry, and I waited a couple of minutes before I called back. The woman answered the phone, and I explained that I'd spent a good part of the day looking for them, and that they'd been taken from my yard. She explained that he'd left, and had said that he'd return the dogs to me. Since he took them from my yard I figured he knew where to take them, but I was a little skeptical that he'd actually return them. i looked at the time: 7:30

At 9pm, with no dogs in sight, I called the police. I felt silly calling 911 about some puppies, but I couldn't find a local number for the east precinct, and I explained that when I called. The 911 dispatcher was sympathetic, and said they'd sipatch an officer to take a report.

20 minutes later a patrol car pulled up to the front, and two officers emerged. I explained the situation, and gave them the number of the woman who'd called initially. They ran the number, but explained that it was a cell phone, and without a court order or danger to life they couldn't go any further. I understood, I said, and one of the officers said they'd call her and see if they could explain "obstruction of justice" to her. I thanked the officers and went back into the house. At this point I'm thinking I'm never going to see the puppies again.

35 minutes later my phone rings. It's the woman; "he's in an RV across the street from 18xx minor street. The RV has damage to its rear and drivers side door. I don't want anything to do with this. I've got to go. ". I hang up the phone, and a minute later the officer calls me. "Officer, I've got an address that the woman gave me, and a description of the vehicle. "Thanks; we contacted the individual who's had the dogs all day, and he says that he gave them to someone else who's going to take them to the humane society tommorow. " Really? "yea, I don't believe him either. We'll check out this address"

So Andrea and I hopped into my truck and drove down there, and parked a block away, and watched the officers approach the RV, and knock on the door, and the puppies WERE RIGHT THERE!! YES!!!

The officers handcuffed the man, and called me. I told them I'd be there in seconds, and sure enough, the dogs were there. He'd taken their collars and IDs off (they were found in the RV) and had lied to the officers that he didnt' have them anymore.

I filled out a statement, and signed it. Officer Mehl gave me the best quote. "It's only 2 weeks to christmas. Stealing puppies is just WRONG. Some arrests aren't very satisfying. This one was."

Thank you officer. Thank you very much. You made my month.

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