Monday, December 8, 2008

Puppy thief!

Tiny, one of the two puppies that were stolen

Around 10:30 this morning I was loading the dogs into the truck and getting ready to head out to the farm. I loaded the two adult dogs and a puppy, leaving the other two puppies in the front yard while I did that. Took a minute or two, and when I returned for the two other puppies they were gone.

Tiny and his brother, blue, the other puppy stolen

At first I wasn't too concerned. They're only 3 months old, and all knees and elbows and have a puppy sense of wonder -- which all means that they don't move very fast at all. They'll amble along at a mile an hour or less, unless there is anything interesting to stop and look at -- like a crack in the sidewalk, or a bush, or a telephone pole or anything.

But when I looked, and looked, and looked, finally walking all the way around the block, and then driving around the block, and then doing a larger and larger circle, I realized the puppies were GONE.

Day before yesterday I bought a set of engraved tags for them, with my phone number and the address of the farm. As I circled I expected to get a call. as the time passed I realized that they'd been picked up by someone, but I couldn't figure out why they didn't call.

Finally, I had to head out to the farm -- the thing about farming is that it's relentless. you do the work every single day, even if you'd rather be looking for your puppies. But since the tags had my cell phone number on them, if someone called they'd reach me wherever I was.

I spent the whole day worrying about the dogs. Finally, a call came in at 6:50. "I am looking at a pair of the nicest puppies i've ever seen " a womans voice "and I have the fellow who found them right here. " thank you for calling. Where are you? "denny and stewart" the voice continued, "here, let me put the guy who found them on the phone".

"hi" male voice. "they sure are nice dogs, i figured you'd be happy I found them. " dude, you took them from my yard. I'll come to you and get them "well, I figured there'd be a reward or something", hey, you stole the dogs. I'm willing to call it even if I get the dogs back, "fuck you, man, you should be happy I found the dogs, maybe I'll take them to the pound or get rid of them or something" and he hung up the phone.

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