Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tank pregnancy update

Snowing today, and very cold. My farm is only a mile or so from puget sound, a huge inland ocean, and we enjoy a marine climate most of the year. That means that it doesn't get much above 90 in the summer, or much below 40 in the winter, with some exceptions. Today is one of those exceptions. You folks in the midwest will probably laugh, but 30 degrees as a high temperature is considered extremely cold here.

She's ready to give birth. At this point, she'd be relieved. Andrea rubs her stomach and she flops right over

Once she's down, a quick squeeze of a nipple produces milk. Yep, she's ready to go.

Last time she was pregnant she started producing a small amount of milk about 48 hours before she gave birth; so she's due probably tonight.

Please rub my stomach!!

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