Monday, December 22, 2008

Piglet terrorism - they hate the electric fence

Click for a larger version.

I run a pretty minimal electric fence. The basic theory i operate on is that if they've got everything they need in their pen they don't really try to get out. Every now and then you get a determined pig, but usually as they grow and mellow out a bit even the trouble makers fall into line.

The exception to that is the piglets. In this case, a small band of renegade piglets slipped under the fence and attacked and destroyed the electric fence. These piglet freedom fighters actually removed the caps from the batteries acid compartments. Each cap. Every cap. And then chewed them up so that they couldn't be reused. And then they tore the fence charger off its post, and chewed off the clips used to connect it to the batteries, and carried the charger away about 100'.

The grey pig in the picture is likely an innocent bystander. I found the culprits; this tight-knit unit.

Who, us? No way. We were [eating, drinking, sleeping, playing] when the fence was destroyed. We didn't have nuttin do do with the fence thing. We're good piglets.

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