Friday, October 9, 2009

Watermelon update

This has been an up-and-down year for watermelons.  First, I'm happy about them.   Then I'm bummed.

Now I'm back to happy. 

I've got about 70 watermelons in various sizes now, from the replanting I did.  I picked one of the biggest and cut it open because I couldn't wait any longer, and it was a little pink, but mostly white.  So they're not ripe yet. 

That's a nickel on top of the watermelon.  They seem to get about volleyball sized and then stop growing.  I'm pleased to have gotten so many new watermelons.  If the weather holds out I'm hoping that they actually all ripen. 

The greenhouse is still reaching 90-100 degrees every day, and a low of about 60 at night, roughly 25 degrees higher than the ambient temperature.

Everywhere I look there's more watermelons. 

The variety of watermelon I planted was sugar baby, from Harris seeds.  Germination was good, and as shown, I probably have enough growing season to plant two crops of watermelons a  year in my greenhouse.  It's interesting, because these watermelons sell for $6-8 each in the local stores, and I think that they would be popular in a farmers market settings.  I grew them without pesticides or any treatment at all and they're doing great. 

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