Saturday, October 17, 2009

Puppy pics

Group shot #4, all the boys

Group shot #3, all the boys

Group shot #1, all the girls

Group shot #2, all the girls

Pup #11, boy, 6lbs 11oz, 2 photos

#10 boy, no collar, 3lbs 13oz, 2 photos

Pup #9,  girl, purple collar, 6lbs 4oz, 2 pictures

Pup #8, boy, no collar, 7lbs.  Biggest puppy.  2 pics

Pup #7: girl, purple collar, 5lbs 1oz.  2 pics

#6: girl, red collar, 6lbs 2oz, 2 pics

#5: boy, blue collar, 3lbs 14oz, 2 pics

#4: girl, red collar, 6lbs, 4oz, 2 pics

#3: boy, no collar 5lbs 6 oz

#2: girl, red collar, 5lbs 12oz

Pup #1, girl, red collar, 3lbs 6oz

Pup medical: 
All pups in good health.  All pups vaccinated with first dose of canine distemper-adenovirus type 2 - parainfluenze-parvovirus modified live virus vaccine on 10-5-2009.  They're due the second shot around 10-25, and the third shot around 11-20.    I do these shots early because the dogs will be shipped and might be exposed prior to 16 weeks.  Consult your local vet about a followup vaccination just to be safe. 

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Carly Lapinsky said...

They're getting so big! We're excited to pick the little guy up in a couple weeks!