Monday, October 26, 2009

Interesting chicken

I noticed this chicken today; he's a cross between a red leghorn and a barred rock.  I know the father of this chicken; it's the only one I have that has this sort of coloration, but what's interesting is that his thighs and legs are barred rock. 

You can see the barred rock a little more clearly here.  Here's the father: 

Couple of key differences.  Notice the color of the ears on this bird:  the ear color is the egg color that a hen of this breed will lay.  So this is a white egg-laying chicken breed.  His son has red ears -- brown egg laying breed.    The father weighs about 4lbs liveweight -- and the son weighs about 6lbs, so in addition to the brown egg laying trait the son has gained some size. 

The father is looking a little ragged.  This is year 2 for him, so he's due for a molt. 


Bruce King said...

the leghorns are a little bird breed, but he crossbred with a stout barred rock hen, so he's good size. eatin' size.

damae said...

ah, silly me, I was thinking the daddy was the barred rock, so do you know what is the typical br rooster size?

Bruce King said...

After 7 or 8 months, a barred rock rooster is about 6lbs. In a year they get up to about 8-9lbs, with big ones being 10.