Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pastor Kila and the Ray of Hope Mission

I met Pappa Kila today, who together with his wife Irene operate the Ray of Hope mission at the corner of Hewitt and Maple, right next to I5 in downtown Everett.   2914 hewitt Avenue, unit C.  They're open from 8am to 11am every day serving hot food to the hungry.  

Pastor Kila has run this mission that feeds the hungry at this location for the last 14 years.  I met him because he came by my farm and asked if I could use food for my pigs.  When he has a surplus he doesn't have a place to store it, and I'm only 3/4 of a mile away, so it's a good fit. 

Their landlord is also helping in this endeavor.   John Eisman donates 50% of the rent of the space each month. 

The mission is doing a fundraiser on November 7th.  It's Chicken and shortribs, rice and macaroni salad & dessert for $10.  All proceeds to to support the mission or for relief for Somoan victims of the recent tsunami there.

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Anonymous said...

If you want to slop the pigs, aren't you legally required to cook the food?

E.g. if he gives you a bunch of meat scraps (what pigs crave), aren't you required to cook those first?

One concern with that is that when you cook the food (meaty or not), it loses a bunch of its feed value, in addition to burning up expensive fuel, contributing greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere, etc.

Bruce King said...

What I feed is pre-consumer products that aren't cooked. So bread, wilted produce, fruit. I don't feed the pigs post-consumer stuff -- like plate scrapings or food scraps.