Friday, October 16, 2009

When food is too cheap: Milk prices

I wrote a story about the plight of dairy farmers right now on my other blog, Farming Washington.   I have nothing but respect for dairy farmers, and I'm sorry to see them going. 

You'll find that story here

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sheila said...

Dairy farming is not an operation that can be shut down and restarted easily. Not like raising pigs, chickens or veggies where in a few months weeks or months you have product ready to market. Dairy cows are a harder ship to turn around. Takes 2 years from calf to cow. And the start up costs for a dairy farm are much higher than for other kinds of farming. Eventually the consumer will be paying more for dairy products, but that will be when giant corporate farms own all the cows. I gave up and now have Saanen goats.