Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick note

My goal is to provide a post every day, but this legal stuff is growing big enough it probably deserves its own blog. Farming in western washington, especially in the flood plain, is very difficult due to the regulatory environment. I'd love to be able to have a farm blog that was entirely about the practice of farming, but it's becoming clear to me that the farm regulation stuff will overwhelm the other content and should probably be seperated. I'll still update here, just make it purely farm related, not farm-regulation related like the new blog.

This from a guy who wants to do pasture raised local food. I had no idea that the regulations would consume so much time.

You will find the new farming regulation blog at farmingwa.blogspot.com or click here

The first entry is "When is a manure lagoon a wetland?" and will post at 4pm on 10-7-2009.


Anonymous said...

You sure have your share of troubles with that; but not everybody does, so I wonder what has made you such a favorite of the government officials? There are lots of floodplain farms around me, south of Snohomish, and lots on Ebey island- I wonder how come others aren't facing the same issues as you?

damae said...

I'm pretty sure Biringer Farm has been hit pretty hard, they just haven't made their struggles public. There's plenty of other farmes that have gone out of business, we just haven't been privy to the details. I've read enough to know that the 'environmentalists' have pushed hard to put farmers out of business even as they have loggers, miners, oil drillers and even manufacturers. Unfortunately, when these industries go to third world countries, they can totally rape the land as there are no safeguards, or regulations in place at all.