Saturday, October 17, 2009

Breachy cow

Weather:  Raining buckets, then some sun, then buckets of rain. 

This is my small herd of Holsteins.  The bane of my existence is peeking around the bigger cow, at the far right. 

This is my little holstein heifer.  I purchased her as part of a package with some steers, and I'm raising her alongside the steers with the idea that I'll breed her.  Well, I wish I had that sort of plan.  I'm basically seeing how it goes and playing it by ear.  Which isn't really a problem, as I've got a couple of years to figure it out. 

This little cow is the only cow that's figured out that if you're tall enough, you can step over the fence and get into stuff that you shouldn't.  Like the pig feed, or the chicken feed, or the garden, or... well, you get the picture. 

I'm hoping that she calms down as she gets a litttle older.  Right now she's being a challenge.  Every day I've got to fix some electric wire fence somewhere.   And if I put her into the hard-fenced paddock she chases the sheep around all day.  grrr.

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