Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what IS THAT SMELL!!?!

The dogs killed a skunk sometime last night. They're quite proud of their kill; they brought it right to me. In fact they're growling and squabbling about it.

The problem with this squabbling is that all three of them are liberally coated with the EU DE skunk, and to tell you the truth, it's making my eyes water.

They don't seem to mind the scent at all. I've gone through this a couple of times; skunks seem to be one of their favorite things to kill, but they don't eat them, just kill them and play with the body.
Removing skunk oder from dogs
1 pint hydrogen peroxide per dog
1/2 cup baking soda per dog
Mix the peroxide and baking soda into a thin paste. Smear it on the dog, paying particular attention to the mouth, nose, chin and chest. That's where the skunk will touch them if they're shaking it with their mouths. a little on the front legs doesn't hurt. Don't use it all in the first dose, reserve a little for a second dose if need be.
Skip the whole tomato juice nonsense.


Dean Smith said...

We had a white dog once that got into it with a skunk. We did the tomato juice thing. Got a pink dog. Didn't work very well.

MMP said...

One of our cats got into a skunk this winter. It was potent. One of the suggestions we got was lysterine. Being a cat, I never got around to giving him a lysterine bath, he just had to stay outside. The traces were on him for at least a month. Interestingly, though, the skunk has not come back. I am surprized my 10 pound cat can frighten off a full grown skunk.

Anonymous said...

Is that what was going up in smoke at your place yesterday at about 5pm? It was the first time I'd seen a fire/smoke on your farm, and it did carry a particular... Um... eu de resistance....

Anonymous said...

What happened to the old 'tomato juice' bath for skunk? (or is that just a Canadian thing).

Bruce King said...

Having tried both the tomato juice thing and hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, the tomato juice thing didn't work, even after 4 applications. The peroxide/soda combo worked, and the next time I just went straight to that and it worked great.

mythbusters also tested and confirmed its efficacy.