Saturday, May 23, 2009

Got the coyote

I've written up a summary of coyote hunting regulations here.

I got up at 3am again today, and headed out to watch for the coyote. I was watching the road and the area where I'd seen the coyote last time, but didn't see anything. 4:00, 5am... 5:30... 6am. Its getting pretty light, and I haven't seen anything. Over to my right I can see my two goats moving across.. whoa. wait a second. there's three goats. I don't have three. I'll be damned. It's this coyote messing with the goats. I guess he got tired of eating turkeys and chickens. The billygoat is backing away, the doe is walking away, and the coyote is following slowly. the goats are heading over to the hay barn where the sows are.

Bring the rifle up, inhale, exhale slowly, bring the crosshairs up, 150 yard shot, air is still so no windage needed, goats are clear of the line of fire... aim an inch low because the rifle is sighted for longer range, half my breath gone, hold... squeeze, BOOM!

Looking downrange I can see the coyote tail spinning in a furrow in the field. I hit him! Excellent! Sling the rifle, go down the ladder to the ground and walk over to the coyote. Headshot, clean kill. Twitches.

Decided to skin it. there's a tannery that will tan the hide for a few bucks.

Using a fence brace, I hang the coyote by running some rope through the tendons in the back legs

Make a circle cut around the back leg, and then a long cut across the rear of the animal. Separate the tail while I'm doing this, work the skin loose from either back leg.
Then start pulling. Alternate pulling and cutting, skin comes off in one piece. Pack it in salt and it'll keep for a while. I'll ship it packed in salt to the tannery. It's not a top-quality coyote skin -- winter coat is better, but I don't want to waste it.

Now I can sleep in until 7!


StefRobrts said...

Good for you. Glad you got him before he hurt your goats!

Nels said...

I am glad all those early mornings payed off for you. Darn predators!

Denise in Kent, WA said...

Your blog isn't for the squeamish, but it's definitely informative (grin). Glad you got the coyote before he did any more harm. Enjoy the extra sleep!