Thursday, May 28, 2009

Got a second coyote today

I've written up a summary of coyote hunting regulations here.

The dogs got a skunk yesterday and I'd read on the internet that skunk scent is an effective mask for human scent. After briefly considering rubbing the dead skunk on me, I decided that putting it somewhere downwind of me would do the same job, and be more popular with the other people i deal with.
So up at 3am, in my position at 3:30. I shot this fellow about 5am at the door to the chicken coop, a 220 yard shot. At that distance I didn't want to get fancy; a shot to the torso just behind the front legs. It was quick.

I think that this is the coyote I saw out on the road. His front is a lot lighter color than the other coyote. I'll do a couple of more mornings to see if any more show up. I've been running a coyote buffet for too long.

Both of these coyotes were male. Anyone know how to tell how old a coyote is? I'm wondering if they're young males that are looking to establish a new territory.


damae said...

Get your skunk cologne out when the bureaucrats come to visit, LOL. Get all excited and huggy when they show up, YEAH!! I wanna watch ém run.

Dunno for shore, but I'd look at his teeth, the better condition, the younger, for what it's worth. I think I'd get a gate with a few less gaps in it.

Anonymous said...

I promised myself that the next fox I get I'm going to make a hunting hat out of him...I bet that coyote could help you with your Daniel Boone impressions!

Bruce King said...

Speaking of gaps in the fence, the county wants me to tear down the fence around my property. I've written a blog entry about it.