Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last years hay is about done

The pigs have been messing with the little bit of hay that I've got left. They like nothing better than to snooze in the sun on a good bed of hay. I'll be tossing the remaining bales to the cows and sheep this week and then rotating the cows and sheep onto their summer pasture.

Those three little pigs on the left top of the picture are dreaming little piggy dreams. They twitch and grunt and so on when they sleep, like dogs. If you look closely in the hay right in front of the big sow you'll see a little piggy that's burrowed into the hay -- apparently direct sunlight isn't warm enough for that little piggy. Click on the picture for a bigger view.

1 comment:

StefRobrts said...

Your pigs look so happy! I'm seriously thinking my farm might need a pig next year :)