Friday, May 22, 2009


Trying a few ducks this year.

These are peking ducks. I chose them for egg laying and for meat purposes. They just got here today; they'll go into a separate pen from the chickens and turkeys. Not really going to try hard to sell too many of them. Duck is pretty tasty; Friends and family will eat most of these.

If I'm going to farm on the floodplain I might as well experiment with livestock that floats.


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

I love your last sentence, it deserves to go up in a quotation hall of fame.
We're going to try ducks for the first time as well this year but rather because we want more mouths to eat the summer grass that will then go in the freezer, leaving all our pasture for the sheep during the winter.
Duck, as I'm sure you know, is really healthy meat, as the fat is different (more unsaturated and other good qualities) so eat 'em all!
Non appetit!

Anonymous said...

Love the floating farm bit! We have a Peking, a meat breed for sure! Our runners beat it's socks off for eggs though. I don't' think the Indian runners would be good for much more than tooth picks though...