Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wrecking the county prosecuting attorneys truck. (NOT recommended)

I drove over to Montana to pick up the new stock trailer, and in order to transfer the title we went to the local county seat (the capitol of Teton County, MT), which is located in a little town called Choteau, MT. 

If you click on this link you'll see a pickup truck parked across the street from the county courthouse; that truck is parked in pretty much the same spot as the truck that I hit; but on the day i was there the cars weren't, so it looked like a good place to turn my big trailer around.  I just wasn't used to pulling a 30' trailer on a gooseneck, and I misjudged it, hooking the rear bumper of the truck and pulling it off, as shown above. 

I feel terrible about this.  Its a brand-new truck; still has the temporary paper plates on it.  I look around, and there's no one in the area, so I start writing a note.  "Hi, My name is Bruce King, and I'm sorry to have hit your truck, my drivers license # is...  and my insurance policy is..." and so on, when a woman drives up. 
"Hey, that's my bosses truck!  Let me go get him".  Ok.  Turns out that it's the prosecuting attorney of Teton County, and he was about as nice as he could be with someone who'd just squished his brand new truck.  So he called the sheriff.  "Hey Ray, someone hit my truck.  Can you come over and do a report?"  So the sheriff of Teton County came over and did the police report, and asked me what damage there was to my vehicle.  "Um, nothing that I can see, Sheriff.  " 

I'm guessing that the bumper is $500 to $800, and is a bolt-on repair (hoping it is).  If so, I'll probably pay for the repair out of pocket, as my insurance rate will rise more than that if the policy is re-rated.  No serious damage done.

Guess I'll take those corners a little wider next time.


Robin said...

Doh! I hate car accidents. Nothing like it to make your stomach fall to your feet and ruin your day. Glad it wasn't worse.

Anonymous said...

Before you start hauling that trailer around,you should find out if you need a CDL.

sheila said...


Anonymous said...

L. U. C. K. Y.

You should pick up a lotto ticket!