Thursday, May 5, 2011

This weeks animal control contact

The goat is at the top center in this photo.

I've mentioned in the past that I have regular contact with the local government animal control officers.  These are the guys that are usually called to catch stray dogs or cats, and they're required by law to respond (ie investigate) any complaint that they receive.
The goat has managed to cow most of the pigs. Horns help

So todays complaint was about my goat.  Someone passing by had noticed that the hooves on my goat needed to be trimmed, and called animal control about that.  I usually trim the goats and sheeps hooves every six or eight months. 
It usually picks stuff out of the produce pile that it likes.  It likes roses.

So the conversation went like this: 
"Mr. King?  "  yes? 
"I got a call about the goat that you keep in with your pigs"  ok, what about the goat? 
"well, the caller said that the hooves looked like they needed trimming".  Ok.  The hooves?
"Yes sir, the hooves.  "  ah.  ok.  I usually trim the hooves every 6 or 8 months.   I guess I'll put it higher
on the chore list. 
"Thank you sir, I'm going to write a report that says that I contacted you and that you were cooperative with me".  Thanks, officer.   If you'd like to stop by sometime officer, I'd be happy to show you the farm. 
"There's no reason for that.  I've been down there and seen this goat standing on the pigs, and when it was cold, it was sleeping on top of the pigs".  Yea, that goat thinks he's a pig.  We've tried to get him to hang out with the sheep, but he's convinced and does whatever it takes to hang out with the pigs. 
"yea, he seems like he's in good shape.  Have a nice day"  thanks officer.  talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Education and relationships. At least you don't need to argue or try to educate everyone who thinks they know how to manage your farm.

Urbancowgrrl said...

Wow. That was a good conversation. Seriously. I volunteer at an animal rescue and when animals are neglected animal control does *not* act like that - they are much more scary and serious! said...

as per the quoted conversation, the officer knows that the goat is not neglected...therefore the nice conversation.