Saturday, May 28, 2011

Killing your own meat: Mark Zuckerberg

I think it's very important that people know we go from this...-->

Update:  I'm quoted in a news story about this on the abcnews website. 

Noticed a story today about Facebooks' founder killing the meat that he eats.

If you've read this blog you know that I completely support that, and have taught many people to process animals themselves.

If you're going to eat meat, I think that you should hold the knife yourself, at least once, and I completely agree with Mr. Zuckerbergs killing his own meat.

I've been supporting people processing their own animals on my farms for  years.

...To this

Turkey processing class

Pig slaughter class

Suckling pigs for a Tongan Thanksgiving feast

I really like that he's being public about this -- and I appreciate him living his convictions.  I think more people should.


sheila said...

My opinion of Mr. Zuckerburg has risen exponentially. Hopefully people will play follow the leader and your classes will fill up. Teach people how to fish (butcher) and they will become less dependent on corporations. Local food!

Joanne Rigutto said...

I agree with you, and Sheila. Even if a person doesn't intend to do their own slaughtering on a regular basis, I think it helps to have the experience at least once for those who are interested. Farms like your own are some of the few places left for people to learn those skills and experience at least part of what's involved in putting the meat on their plate.

Butchery classes are important too, but in a different way. By learning butchery, we learn about the cuts, where they come from and why different animals are cut up in a particular way.

Used to be that most of the people in this country learned how to do these things while growing up. Now, not so much.