Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help wanted

I'm posting this ad on my local craigslist.  I'm entirely serious about this, so if you know someone who's local to Everett and would be interested, encourage them to apply. 

Farm Help wanted

We're looking for 2 part-time farm hands to work on a small, diversified farm near Everett.  We raise animals for food; if you're a vegetarian you probably won't work out. 

You'll be working with gentle pigs and aggressive weeds.   You will learn that goats will instantly detect any hole in a fence.   You will wear rubber boots most of the time, and at times the mud will be deeper than that. 

You will take Pig Sex 101, 102 and 105, which is particularly good for parents who are not sure how to explain the facts of life to their young children.  You'll handle and treat baby animals.  You'll have to kill them sometimes.  You'll watch them die sometimes.  You'll eat some of your mistakes, you'll bury others. 

 You'll learn to manage your time and work efficiently to get the most done in the least amount of time possible.  You'll be operating heavy equipment (trucks, tractors, backhoes) and working with temporary workers who probably speak spanish during parts of the  year when we need extra help (haying in June/July, thanksgiving).   Some of the animals will appreciate your work.  Some will bite you.  You must treat them all gently.  Swearing is ok.   You will have a variety of work experiences during the course of the day and week.   You will be working around bees from time to time. 

Job Requirements: 
You'll need to have a clean driving record and a current drivers license.  You need to know how to use hand tools (saws, drills, hammers, jacks) and basic carpentry skills.  You need to be able to lift 60lbs and be in pretty good physical shape.   Ideally you have an interest or experience in farming and particularly in animal husbandry.  There are NO horses on this farm.   Helpful if you speak spanish. 

Pay is low, but you'll eat well, and it's steady.  We do offer health insurance if you or your family needs it.  We can not pay you under the table; sorry.   

About Ebeyfarm: 
We're a small farm that raises animals for food very close to Everett, Washington.  Most of what we sell is pigs, but we sell a small quantity of beef, lamb, chicken and turkey.  You can see our blog at


Rae said...

Great ad! If I was unfortunate enough to be out of a job, I would jump at the chance to do that kind of work. Especially if swearing is ok. :) A learning experience and a job all rolled into one.

Hope you find a couple reliable hardworking folks.

Nancy Olympia WA said...

You make the job sound almost fun (to some).

I hope you find passionate, hardworkers for your farm.

Amaroq said...

Are you still hiring for this? If so, what would the hours be? I'm not sure if I'm quite local enough for it. I live in Seattle and I am currently car-less, so I use the bus system to get around.

(Not sure if this is the proper place to post a response to this.)

Lee said...

Probably the best help-wanted ad I've seen. It does a good job of capturing the potential highs and lows. With unemployment at it's current level, I hope you get a lot of good applicants.

lytha said...

i love that is says "no horses!" *lol* like, horse crazy girls need not apply.

Anonymous said...

Wow I did't know you were there I worked for the Handby's hog farm many years ago it was also on ebby island .
I would love to come over and see the Place and maybe even get my boots dirty Im Paul I Was The Manager For the handby farm and also worker NO.1 I remember farrowing at all hours and much more I would love my son to learn about this the real world .
Respectfully Paul W

AlmostRabid said...

This ad might interest you: