Sunday, May 29, 2011

Airedale puppies - eyes still closed

Kat had a litter of of pups earlier this month; they're doing what puppies do at this age;  wobbling around on shaky legs, exploring with their nose until their eyes open. 

 We've found that it's pretty easy to keep a litter of pups in a bathtub.  It makes cleanup easy, and keeps the pups contained.  A couple of old towels provide a warm place to sleep, and they're easy to launder afterwards. 
 They sleep in a huge pile of puppies, grumbling and whining and moving in a slow rotation; the pups on the outside rotate in, and the ones inside get pushed out. 
 Occasionally they have group puppy dreams.  They'll all be kicking their legs and whining.  They're not awake;  the movement isn't really coordinated, but I think that they hear the other pups and the pack takes over. 

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