Thursday, May 5, 2011

The house piggit(s)

 From time to time we have a piglet that isn't doing well or needs some sort of special care.   Both of these guys had small abscesses that had to be lanced and drained and kept clean while they healed, so they're the current house piggits. 
 In this case we had two of them, but when we only have one sick one, we'll bring two home, because they really are social creatures.  These two are inseparable -- they eat together, and sleep together, and explore together, and find great comfort in that. 

When they sleep they're restless; twitching and shifting as they dream piglet dreams, and it seems like they're constantly waking each other up; you'll see their eyes open a little, and then they'll settle back and go back to sleep. 
They prefer to sleep against something; here, the sofa, with the little red and black one pressing as hard as he can into the little pink one; the solid touch is what they like.  I see this with the bigger pigs, too. They'll sleep in big circles, packed as tightly as they can be, with ears twitching and the occasional sleepy grumble as someone else moves. 

Andrea and I call them piggits to differentiate them from the other pigs.  So asking "how are the piggits" has a specific meaning -- how are the piglets that are at the house, or the piglets that just returned to the farm from the house.  The piglets that aren't challenged are called pigs.  

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