Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pigs and pasture

After the cows have eaten the taller grass, and the sheep have mowed down the shorter grass, the sows go onto the pasture.  They enjoy the grass, but don't eat it early as fast as it grows.  The short grass is good for the piglets - they can see momma at all times, and they enjoy running around following her.  Here a couple of piglets are sacked out next to mom. 

Another sow is inside the shelter, dozing in the dry hay and enjoying the warmth of the dome.  The piglets will wake up and nurse, and then to back to sleep.  I see them every day chasing down a sow, squealing at her.  I'll translate for you:  "Lay down!  Lay down!  We want to nurse!  lay down!  right here!  c'mon!  stop moving!"

They're pretty cute. 

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