Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Boar

This is "the boar", an 800lb berkshire that is the primary sire of my pig herd.  He's a pretty friendly pig, but it does give you pause when a pig this big comes over to say hello.  Even an unintentional foot stomp by this fellow is a pretty serious thing. 
The boars life is pretty simple.  The rule is:  If the boar wants it, he gets it.  The sows might complain about it, but they move out of the way when he wants to lay down, or eat, or drink.  When he's not moving the other pigs socialize with him, but they all do pay attention to him when he talks.  This boar is especially gentle with piglets.  When he's in the same pasture with a new mother he'll go sleep with her and her litter for a couple of days immediately after the birth.  I don't know why he does this, but it's consistent, and he has not crushed a piglet yet despite his huge size.

There are two other adult boars he shares this pasture with, and they've worked out what the pecking order is, and pretty much steer clear of each other most of the time. 

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