Monday, April 19, 2010

Heat wave: 70 degrees

Nice sunny day today, and it melted the pigs.  They were out walking, and they melted like wax figures, right into the ground. 
it's funny that they're all gray when they melt.  All you end up with is the floppy ears and the curly tail. 
This one has somehow avoided the fate of the other pigs, but is sporting a cool racing stripe down its side as it snoozes in the sun. 

(pigs don't have sweat glands, and to stay cool usually put themselves into mud or water.  The layer of mud on them is pig sunscreen -- otherwise they can (and do) get sunburned.  The mud also protects the pigs from insects and if they have ticks or other parasites, if the pig is submerged for a while, the parasites will drown and drop off.  Pigs will choose to sleep in a warm, dry area if the weather is cool, but in the summer will sleep in the mud.  Most of my pigs have a pretty good layer of fat that is an excellent insulator, and anything over about 50 degrees qualifies as a heat wave to the pigs.  )


sheila said...

I love pigs. Not afraid to get dirty or fat. My kind of friends.

Word verification. sureness, what pigs have

Joanne Rigutto said...

That is so cool (looking for us and feeling for the porkers).

California might have happy cows, but you have happy pigs!