Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Learning how to grow grain

I'll be going to this presentation on Thursday evening. I've included the link to the craigslist ad, below.

When: Thursday, April 8, 2010 6:30-8:00 pm.
Where: The Graham Fire Station at 23014 70th Ave. E, Graham, WA 98338
Contact: Anuttama Budd (253) 875-1842
Admission: Free

The Self Reliant Community is hosting a presentation by Rene Featherstone of Lentz Spelt Farms. Rene Featherstone is a grain farmer from Washington who is currently growing specialty grains such as spelt, emmer and camelina. His lifetime of experience with growing all kinds of grains in a variety of conditions/climates and will provide the audience with information that will help them be able to grow grains in their own gardens for their own use.

Unusual grains such as spelt (good for people with gluten allergies), emmer (grows great organically) and camelina (makes a great salad oil) will be discussed as well as more common grains like oats, spring wheat and barley. You should come away from this presentation with the enthusiasm to grow your own plot of grain and you may be amazed to discover that you can have enough grain to bake a loaf of bread every week for a year in a plot as small as 300 square feet!

Please come and attend this presentation which is being put on in conjunction with the Graham Self Reliant Community. It is almost time to plant!

Original craigslist ad


Craig said...

Bruce, be careful of those Craiglist ads.You might go to this place and the door behind you shuts and locks and your amongst a bunch of "Moonies" and we'll never hear from you again.

Joanne Rigutto said...

Thanks for putting this up Bruce. I didn't know there were any outfits promoting small scale grain growing. I'm planning on growing small plots of rice, barley, and hard red spring wheat this year as experimental crops (well, alright, I am growing the barley to make beer with...). Nice to see I'm not the only one with the pioneering spirit.

Emily said...

If I were closer I'd be attending for sure. You'll have to share some of the info you glean with us. I've been picking up bits here and there but I'm ready for a better information resource. I'll settle for a good book on the subject, but that class sounds perfect.