Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brush hog vs Flail mower

This is the 8' wide flail mower I purchased the other day, in the back of my pickup. I've got a longbed, but this implement is longer than that; drove it home with the tailgate down. I'd estimate that it weighs the better part of 1,000lbs.

I've been looking for a flail mower for a while. I already own a 5' and a 7' brush hog type mower, and they work well, but they can fling items horizontally out from the mower and the stuff flying out can cause injury. So you have to be careful using them around stock or items that can get damaged, or even roads.

Flail mowers, on the other hand, don't fling items and do a pretty darn good job of chewing up whatever they run across. This particular one is designed so that it can be mounted so that it sticks out 4-5' from the side of your tractor, allowing you to mow along the canal edges with more safety, and to cut places where you don't want to drive. Wet ground, potholes, whatever.

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