Saturday, January 23, 2010

Andreas pig ride

I purchased my big pig feeder from a fellow who raised ostriches and went broke trying to do that. 

It was a pig feeder, but to feed the ostriches he took the doors that protected the feed from rain and mud.  It still works fine, but every now and then the feed gets wet and cakes up, preventing new feed from flowing down to where the pigs can get at it. 

So the way that you fix it is to go to the bottom of the feeder and use a garden trowel to scoop out the wet feed and then reach up into the feeder to clear as much as you can from the bottom.  Sometimes that's all you need to do, but other times you open up the top lid and use a digging bar to poke a hole through the solidified feed and open it up so that the new feed can flow. 

So I'm on top of the feeder with the bar and Andrea is down below.  Behind Andrea a pig walks up and pauses to look at her -- and then another pig nips at its rear. 

Suddenly andrea is on a pig ride!  It shoots straight between her legs, she sits down on its back with a startled HEY! and we're off to the races!

Now I start to laugh when I see this happen, but after the rodeo rider goes about 20 feet I see that the pig is heading for the deep mud.  Now andrea's yelling "hey!  whoa!  help!" as the pig conveys her off towards the mud pit -- and when the pig makes a sharp turn, sure enough, straight into the mud she goes. 

The picture doesn't show the full extent of sun protection that Andrea had today, or the smell of the pig mud, but you can imagine she was thrilled to have me taking pictures. 

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Oh no! Poor Andrea. That is really funny though as long as nobody got hurt. I've been time trying to trim a llama rear foot as it was up in a hurry with me on it and I couldn't touch the ground. Stayed on as long as I could!