Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Odd sheep behavior

This sheep is acting strangely.  The first thing that I noticed is that she wasn't with the flock when I counted them this morning.  She's chosen to get into the hay feeding shack that I've got, and doesn't seem to want to move from it.  I'm pretty sure she's pregnant, and maybe she wants to lamb there.  It's actually a pretty good location.  Dry, sheltered, bedded.  So I'll leave her there tonight and see what happens tommorow morning. 

She is alert, oriented, seems in good shape; backbone not sticking out.  Just doesn't want to move. 

This is the rear view of the other sheep I believe will lamb pretty soon.  She's got a clear mucus that drips from her vagina, and I wonder if that means she'll be lambing soon.  As with the other sheep, I'll wait and see.  this sheep is still with the flock. 

I'm relatively new to sheep.  I don't write about them much because, well, they don't take up much time.  I count them every day, and look at their condition to make sure they're getting enough.  I cheat a bit from the pure-grassfed by putting some all-stock feed out now and then, but they're primarily grass fed; I'd guess 90% of their diet is grass, or hay that I put up in the summer.


Math Geek said...

If its more than just a couple drops of mucus, she will probably lamb within in 48 hours. This is just my personal experience with sheep over several years, I have not had any dealings with hair sheep however so I do not know if they are any different.

Theresa said...

I have had a few sheep and currently now only have goats, pigs, rabbits, and a horse, and I believe your wondering is correct.....she will be lambing soon.