Thursday, January 7, 2010

Killer whale pigs

My sow that I've named "pasture pal" has produced some interesting colors in her batch of piglets.  They're black and white, and are reminiscent of killer whales.  Since various goverment agencies have decided that my farm is killer whale habitat, I'm just going to go with the flow and start raising killer whale pigs. 

The white forehead is from the berkshire i think, as are the white feet.

Chickens co-exist with the piglets pretty well.  It gives you an idea of scale. 

One of the piglets is all pink.  When sows are in heat they can mate with several boars, and I've got a mostly-pink boar that might have fathered this one, or maybe it's just mendalian variation

They are pretty cute. 

All done posing, now it's dinnertime!!


Anonymous said...

good luck with your orca pigs! I have a question- you said the white markings mostly come from the berkshire breed- what does the black part come from? What breed of pigs would you recommend to someone who is going to buy an 8wk old piglet and raise it to butcher at 200lbs? Thanks.

Theresa said...

I absolutely adore your pigs! :) I have a spotted boar and a gilt with a few spots on her. I wish I had more spotted/patterned pigs like yours. they are beautiful! :)