Thursday, January 14, 2010

Legal Stuff: Deposition of Paul Anderson

I deposed Paul Anderson from the Department of Ecology on Monday of this week on the wood chip case.  I've written about it here and here and here.    Ecology is represented by Kelly Wood, of the state attorney generals office, ecology division.  Both Paul and Kelly have looked at this blog on many occasions. 

I took photos of both Paul and Kelly, and normally I'd illustrate this entry with them, but I've been warned by Mr. Wood that neither he nor Paul consent to their use, so I'm going to respect their request.  I did offer to use any picture that they submitted as an alternate. 

I'll be writing up two or three entries about the contents of the deposition next week; look for it on wednesday/thursday/friday. 

I've written before about the fact that all of the complaints that agencies are "investigating" have been initiated by employees of the agencies doing the "investigation", and that this erodes my confidence in fair dealing on the part of those agencies, and in fact, erodes the whole concept of "complaint driven enforcement". 

The "complaint" about the wood chips in this case was originated by Paul Anderson, an employee of Ecology, while on Ecology time and payroll. 

At least it's been consistent.  100% of the complaints in this case have been initiated by government employees of the agencies involved. 


Anonymous said...

I think farmers need to set up a legal defense association similar to what homeschoolers have done. Sally Fallon discusses this idea at the end of this article:

I would think it would put a stop to this kind of ridiculous garbage that farmers are being abused with.

Bruce King said...

I was at the Snohomish county ag advisory board meeting earlier this year where FEMA was describing their flood plain plan, and the comment from one of the board members was "It's getting to the point where I have to call my attorney before I start my tractor".

Yes, you do. said...

I cannot believe how quickly the U.S appears to be spiraling towards facism. More and more government control and intervention. More and more civil liberties destroyed on the basis of "security". At least here in Canada it's always been that way...we're used to it after 200 years.

Dana Walker said...

In reply to the first comment, and something you should check out, Bruce, if you haven't already--the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.