Monday, January 4, 2010

On the menu today: 10lb salmon chubs

[Hi Natures Harmony Readers. If you'd like to see my comments and the background for this fight, click here after you're done reading. The laws on what is legal to feed to pigs vary from state to state; Whey, a byproduct of cheese production, is a prohibited feed in Missouri, for instance. Tim feeds whey to his pigs. I feed fish to mine. Both are legal feeds in our respective states. Not sure what his point is. Fish is found in many animal feeds. Fish meal, fish cake, fish oil, or just plain fish. ]

These are tubes of ground salmon that apparently were supposed to go to make salmon patties.  They weigh about 10lbs each, and they're boneless.  Pretty handy, actually.  These I've been feeding to the chickens and turkeys, who seem to really like them.  It's easy for the birds to eat the course-ground salmon. 

Many poultry feeds have a fish meal component to them.


Anonymous said...

did you have any problem with the salmon tainting the eggs for your layers or tainting the meat for meat birds?

Emily said...

Where did you get them? How much were they? How much do you fed per pig?