Saturday, January 9, 2010


One thing that i thought when I started is that the winter would be the slow season.  With animals, there's not really a slow season.  Pigs have litters all year; and everyone needs to be fed.  I can fudge a little -- bigger feeders and automatic waterers means the daily chores are faster, but there's a certain amount of welfare checking I've got to do every day. 

I think that the flood season has passed for this year, and I'm pretty glad.  I have to stick pretty close to the farm november-december-january because I have to be prepared to evacuate animals in a flood event. 

That said, today I spent doing maintenance on various trailers.  The pigs chewed the wiring off this one, so I'm working on the tail lights and inspecting the tires, wheels and axles to make sure everything is in working order.  For this axle i ended up repacking a bearing that was leaking. 

I do love my tractor. 

2 comments: said...

Just please be careful with that loader. From personal experience...if an o-ring lets go in one of those hydraulic rams on the loader the whole thing comes down in a hurry and takes the tin on the front of the tractor with it! If an o-ring lets go on the back of the tractor where the loader hydraulics plug in, the whole load comes down even faster. Would hate to hear that you were under the load when it goes! I am sure you're smart enough to have thought of that, but I've seen some terrible things over the years with guys that you would think would know better.

Anonymous said...

Hey-be careful under that trailer.Why don't you put the trailer back on the ground and jack it up and block it. It's greenhorns like you that make us safety conscious farmers look bad. SMARTEN UP!