Sunday, March 20, 2016

video: sow feeding her 10 piglets

This is the same litter that was shown in the pictures in this blog post; the piglets were born 3-12-2016.   All 10 piglets are doing great; she's been a great mom.

If you listen to the video, she sings to them as they nurse.

20160320 from bruce king on Vimeo.


CJ said...

Bruce, this is adorable! Thanks for sharing. Are you on Facebook? I can't find you on there. I want to tag you in our pig slaughter posts because you were so helpful to us when we got started. Thanks, Chelsea

Bruce King said...

thank you chelsea. I'm glad to be of help. I've created a facebook page -

Been meaning to do it for a few years, so here you go. You can be the 2nd person to like it (facebook has me "like" my own page by default I guess. you'll really be #1!)