Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fruit salad today; Michael Pollan

good enough to eat!
It's funny, there seems to be two different spokesmen for the food movement; Michael Pollan is one, and Joel Salatin is the other.

I know that when I was filling in my ballot to choose which guy would represent me and my farm to the general public that I considered long and hard.  I read the voters pamphlet, and I went to the rallies, and then I talked about it with my neighbors, and I'm pretty happy with my farm representation...

No, not really.   Don't get me wrong, both of these gentlemen have had lots of influence on farms and farming, but I have to say that it's really tiring to hear the same two voices over and over again.  There's gotta be someone else that is doing great things that can speak up - does anyone you know spring to mind?

Maybe it's time to write a book - but most of the farmers I know who wrote books did either shortly before they lost their farm, or shortly before they went out of business; it seems like the two are linked - write a book, stop farming.

Just in case you didn't get enough pigs eating fruit salad, here's todays video
020 from bruce king on Vimeo.


Bruce said...

I'd nominate Gabe Brown, who is in North Dakota and Dave Brandt, of Ohio. By the way, thanks for your earlier response to my question about how you were cultivating for weeds.

Steve said...

I've read Pollan and he seems to tackle the historical/ethical/theoretical side of farming. Salatin is pragmatic and that would seem to help a day to day working farmer. Gene Logsdon is more fun to read. Blogs seems to be easier to find about farming than books. I do enjoy your writing and it blends the practical with the theoretical and you throw in real life stories.