Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's springtime: Must be fencing season

 Nothing says "good times!" like 1000lbs of concrete!

 I use square posts around gates; that's what I'm building here.  A 24' gate that is at an angle off of the dirt road.  A long enough pull-off area that I can be off the road when I'm opening or closing the gate.
The white barrel is the water I'm using to mix the concrete.  2 80lb sacks of concrete at the base of each post.  the posts are sunk 3' into the ground; with that amount down, H braced and concrete feet, they'll stay here for many years.  I prefer to do the fence right; I've done it halfway in the past and you find out your fence sucks when something goes wrong.  Better to do it right and be able to sleep at night.


Steve said...

Didn't you write a post about the offset gate before? I remember it as a nice thing. Thanks for reminding me.

Bruce King said...

Yes, i wrote a post a while ago about gate and fence design and I'm actually building this fence entrance to that design. I wonder sometimes if folks read what I write; thanks for reminding me!

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