Friday, March 4, 2016

Time to start the plants

part of this years seed order
The first week or two of March is the time when I start all of my transplant vegetables; mostly tomatoes, but also peppers and various other things.  This year I decided I'd grow some lavender and thyme as eatable-and-decorative things for my front yard.  Fresh basil and tomatoes are a favorite, and they are pretty easy to grow.

I'm growing some beets and carrots this year along with 5 varieties of tomatoes and I'm going to plant some melons, too.  Cantelopes and watermelon.  Last year I had some volunteer cantelopes that grew pretty well on my compost pile on a south-facing slope.  So this year I'm going to make a cantelope area and see if I can get some to grow to decent size and ripen.

This is all personal gardening stuff; small quantities.  Just what tastes best fresh, and what  I can't reliably find at the grocery store, with some extra grown for canning and preserving.

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EBrown said...

Don't know if you already have all the melon seeds you want to try for this year, but I grew a few varieties last year. BY FAR my favorite were the Charentais. They're unbeleivably fragrant. Slice one open and the whole house smells deliciously fruity. Here's a link to the variety I grew, but I bet others are equally good - They don't keep as well as some other melons, so unless you're lucky and have the right grocer they're impossible to buy. The Charentais were so much better than the cantalope I grew it was like night and day. And the cantalope weren't bad as if the comparison is the average storebought crapola melon.