Friday, December 23, 2011

Followup on my missing fence charger & tools

I've written before about my irritation at having some of my equipment and tools taken by an ex employee, and I thought that I'd post an update to the situation. 

 We achieved personal service on Isaac Dozier tonight for a small court claim for the value of the tools and equipment, plus court costs and fees.  Our first court date is set for January 23rd.  I was present at the serving to identify Isaac for the process server.  We found him having dinner with his friends at The Conway Pub.   Which does have very good pan friend oysters, by the way. 
He seemed pretty surprised to see me and the process server, but that's OK.  Merry Christmas, Isaac. 

I've asked him to return my equipment and tools via voicemail, email, US-Mail and in an in-person visit, where I saw my equipment in use by him.  At this point it's a matter of principle.  See you in court, Isaac. 
 His friends weren't sure what was going on at first, but when they read the sign i was holding they got the idea.  They started to laugh.  Does this stuff happen to Isaac often?   He spent the next 45 minutes explaining to his friends why he was being sued.  Kinda put a damper on his get-together, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  He left the state for a month and a half, and this was his get-together with his friends to tell them about his trip; there were about 20 of them there.  Glad to provide more stuff to talk about. 
About the only thing he said was..."Brruuuce?".  Yep, Isaac.    You got served. 


sheila said...

Two thumbs up awesome!

Eightway said...

Isaac, you are lucky you live in the USA. If you pulled this ballsy kinda stunt in some other parts of the world that electric fence charger would be intimately involved in your punishment.

Sagecreek said...

Excellent Job!

Kelly Johnson said...

Glad to see you are still moving forward. Its a pain dealing with employees. I espically love the ones that seem really grateful to get a job but dont showing up and leave you in a lurch. I thought I would throw out an idea or two. If you contact all the Ag departments in your area schools and colleges you may find people that are really dedicated. Ive found a 9mm on my hip tends to make the bad ones go off to harass someone else. Im not a violent person but they dont know that. lol

Joanne said...

Good on ya Bruce! If more people understood that they can't get away with theft, we'd have fewer thieves to deal with. said...

Good job Bruce...gotta wonder what is going on in this guy's head? Can't imagine keeping something of somebody's, especially after they've asked for it back! LOL