Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Todays task: Final prep for barn floor

Spent today doing the final tasks in preparation for pouring concrete tomorrow.  Here Red tests the level.  

The plastic does two things; one, it prevents the concrete from drying too quickly, resulting in a stronger floor, and two it prevents the movement of liquids either up or down.

The mesh is to provide reinforcement of the concrete when it's being pulled apart.  Steel works well under tension, concrete works well under compression, and when you combine the two you get a much stronger, more durable slab.  The mesh will prevent cracks from spreading, too. 

The total floor size is 80' x 30' -- we'll pour 8' x 80' of it tomorrow, which is about what a concrete truck will hold.  That'll give the crew a chance to learn their jobs and practice a little.  My brother Bryan and I have poured large slabs before, but none of the other people who will be working have, and there's technique that you have to learn and timing. 

Friday we'll pour the rest of the slab - 22' x 80', and it will be a long day. 

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