Tuesday, December 13, 2011

90 gallons of soy milk

One of the readers here called and asked if I'd like 90 gallons of soy milk.  Sure, I'm always up for good quality food for the pigs; what's wrong with it?  Getting close to expiration date is fine.  We'll be right over. 

Of course there's a small catch.  It's packaged in cases, about a quart per container, 12 containers per case.  But we've developed a system for this. 
First, slice the top of the case off.  Yes, it says no cut on it, but we're experts.  Professionals.  We can do this stuff.  Then cut a slit into the top of each row of boxes.  Make that 4 slits. 

 Ignore the cap.  We'll leave it attached.  We hate plastic caps, and if it's attached to the rest of the box it won't go into some animal somewhere.  Ok.  Open the flaps and...
 Pour the whole case into a handy container.  Here we use the 30 gallon garbage cans; that's our single-serving size, pig style. 
 It really makes a nice foam when it's poured like this.  Smells good, too.  Yummy vanilla flavor. 
 lets see.  There are 240 calories per box, 12 boxes per case... that's roughly 3,000 calories per case.  We have a hundred cases....  yep, Score!  Thank you!
 Lovely foam.  Let's see what they put into this stuff.
 Pure, natural, organic.  Nothing but the best for the piggies. 

I should have taken pictures of the pigs drinking this.  I did, but my camera malfunctioned.  But thank you, and it was appreciated.  Every pig got a 2,000 calorie soy milk boost today. 

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