Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh - THATS where the piglets are!

I'm working on the chores, and about lunch time I stop and go to close up the gate so I can go run some errands and eat lunch.  A sow and her piglets had been hanging out close to me while I worked, and as a matter of habit I looked for her, and counted her piglets, and came up 3 short. 
Our fences are good at keeping full sized pigs in, but piglets are a different matter.  They can fit through pretty small holes, but I don't worry about them too much because they mostly stick close to their mother and they don't cause any problems.  Kinda fun to watch them run around.  But where are the 3 missing piglets? 
 So I'm looking everywhere, and I see something odd on top of the pile of wood chips.  I can't quite make out... it's a piglet!  Ok.  (so click on the first picture, and you can see the piglets ears sticking up just a little to the right of center, at the top of the pile. 
 And I get closer, and sure enough, there's a piglet, snoozing on top of this 15' pile of wood chips.  In fact, all three missing piglets are napping up there. 
 They're taking advantage of the heat coming off the pile; quite a bit of heat, as a matter of fact.  They're napping in the warm updraft. 
So I stop, and think about it, and then go about my errands and lunch.  Enjoy your warm nap, piglets. 


Joanne said...

LOL, smart piglets!

sheila said...

Piglets are getting their spa treatment.

The Fickle Ewe said...

Hey Bruce I live in Portland but I will be visiting my dad in Carnation soon. Would love to stop by your farm and meet you and see your set up.

Bruce King said...

You're welcome to come by. Give me a call at 206 940 4980 when you're in the area.