Monday, June 20, 2011

What does a truck look like that hits a cow at 40 mph? (64 kph)

This is a pictorial followup to a post I wrote about losing a cow

So the fellow who owns this truck (and was apparently living in the trailer behind it) pulled his truck and trailer off the island the day after the accident.    Given the age of the truck I'm guessing that it's totalled.  No insurance. 


Nancy Olympia WA said...

Did the dude get ticketed for anything, like leaving the scene?

Being such a small area where everyone knows everyone, why do these idiots bother to run?

Bruce King said...

I can't say why this fellow left the scene; it seemed a bit pointless to me, too, but the officer didn't ticket him for that, nor did anyone ever prosecute the other guy for hitting and breaking off the telephone pole. Apparently it's not a priority. This fellow was driving with a suspended license as well, but I'm guessing that the officer didn't ticket him for that because he didn't see the guy driving.
I can't say what this fellow was doing, but if I were impaired by drugs or booze, and I hit something, I can't imagine it would be better for me to stick around and get tested for impairment.

Honestly, I'm getting a bit tired of it though. Maybe the next one I'll help to stay on the scene.

Enjay said...

Bruce, please forgive my nosiness, but do you plan for losses such as this in your budget? How do you handle it on the ledger, and does it effect the taxes in any way? I wouldn't think the loss of one steer would be something you'd want to claim on insurance, but the whole herd would, right?

Bruce King said...

Losing a steer is a pretty big loss. It takes 18 to 24 months to get to weight with these holsteins and for me that involved putting up and feeding hay for 2 years. Lots of labor.

When I work out plans for animals I always assume that that some will die during the year - when I'm dealing with hundreds of piglets or turkeys or chickens I assume that a minimum of 1% wont make it.

As far as tax purposes go i defer to my CPA.

Robin said...

I've wondered before what a car (or in this case a truck) would look like after hitting a cow. That is pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

Looks fixable and not really that old either. People fix far worse.

Anonymous said...

Ive see semi's hit cows and fare far worse, he got real lucky