Friday, June 10, 2011

Back from the roadtrip

Picked up 4 nice stainless steel feeders for $80, 20 of the automatic waterers I want, and while I was at it picked up a few hitchhikers. 
(pic above:  Bottom level of trailer)

(pic above: top level of trailer)

 They're bluebutt pigs; a cross between a hampshire and a yorkshire.  They're mostly pink with faint hampshire markings, as you can see in the above photo.   My first pigs were bluebutts, and my experience with the breed has been good.  Large, sturdy pigs that are pretty docile. 

The pig hauling rig worked pretty well, but I'm finding that the trailer needs some work; probably have to replace the brakes and do some fixes.  The gates between the compartments aren't pig-tight; small pigs can cram themselves between the bars, and slightly bigger pigs can get their heads wedged into the gates.   The doors aren't split, either, which means that if you're working with the top level, the bottom level is open, too.  I'll probably split the man door to allow individual compartment access, but I'll leave the rear door solid.  I will add a grate on pins so that the back door can be opened but the pigs contained inside. 

It was an interesting road trip overall.


Nancy Olympia WA said...

Holly Cow (I mean piglet)!!!!

That's a whole lot of pigs. How many do you have in there and how did you feed/water all those little guys while on the road and how long were you on the road with them?

What are your plans for all of them and where are you going to put them?

sheila said...

I see lots of bacon

Bruce King said...

How many would you guess there are? The top and bottom were loaded with about the same number of pigs.

Chris said...

Any of those guys going to be for sale? I'm looking for 2-3 for a fall slaughter.

Bruce King said...

Chris, they're for sale. If you can take 4 there's a quantity discount. Call 206-619-1985 and let us know when you want to pick them up.