Thursday, June 30, 2011

The return of the steer

I got my steer back from the meat shop today;  this is the one that I wrote about in this blog post
The truck that hit it can be seen in this blog post

That's what 450lbs of boneless meat looks like, all cut and wrapped.  It takes up about 12 cubic feet of freezer space. 

This is a pretty good illustration of what a farmers table fare is, though.  My thanksgiving turkey is the one that has one eye.  My spring lamb is the one that played chicken with the tractor wheel - and lost.  My chicken is the one that never really got to full sized.  I tell myself they're cornish game hens... and they are, just not intentionally so. 

Roadkill.  It's what for dinner!


sheila said...

grass fed roadkill

Coffeekittie said...

This is a late comment, but your last line made me laugh out loud and scare my own livestock :) Hehe, I'll have to use that line myself.

Great blog, wish I had more time to follow it consistantly,